Tracesure Cattle

Tracesure is an intra ruminal bolus for cattle, providing controlled slow release supplementation of Iodine, Selenium and Cobalt for up to 6 months.

Tracesure Cattle is a ruminal bolus providing the slow release of iodine, selenium and cobalt.  It provides cattle with a continuous supply of bioavailable iodine (I), selenium (Se) and cobalt (Co) for up to 6 months.  Each bolus contains 3400mg I, 500mg Se and 500mg Co.

Under most grazing regimes the approximate daily dosage provided by Tracesure® is, 3mg Se, 3mg Co and 19mg I, can be expected to provide useful supplementation for 5 to 6 months.  Individual herds may require greater supplementation, dictated by different levels of production or pasture conditions, soil ingestion or the presence of goitrogens in the feed.

Trace element supplementation

Where dietary intakes of iodine, selenium or cobalt is low or where utilization of iodine is depressed by goitrogens from eg kale, the health and productivity of cattle may be improved by supplementation of these elements.

Trace elements are released from the bolus by leaching technology.  Spent boluses become enlarged and fragile.  They are eventually shed, intact or fragmented by being regurgitated or excreted, usually after 12 months.

Pasture analysis for trace element content is useful and laboratories undertaking this work can provide advice on the need for supplementation.  Pasture can vary greatly in their trace element content.  Contaminant soil can substantially alter the trace element supply.  Routine pasture analysis does not detect the presence of goitrogens.

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Tracesure is available direct through your local vet.
For any questions please call your Agilis rep on 0800 agilis.