Settle is an immunotherapeutic that is recommended as an aid in the treatment of equine endometritis caused by Streptococcus zooepidemicus. The product is approved for both intravenous and intrauterine administration.

Settle is the world’s first and only immunotherapeutic licensed to treat equine endometritis.

Endometritis is an important disease with significant economic impact to the equine industry.

It is estimated that this non- life threatening disease affects up to 43% of broodmare’s world wide.

Studies have shown that a single dose of Settle can help resolve a broodmare’s uterine infection and the damaging inflammation.

Settle is administered as a 1.5ml dose by intrauterine instillation with a sterile catheter or by intravenous injection into the jugular vein during the early estrus period:

  • Intravenous: Administer 1.5 mL of Settle® by intravenous injection into the jugular vein during the early oestrus. Use strict aseptic technique.
  • Intrauterine: Administer 1.5 mL by intrauterine instillation using strict aseptic technique. Dilute 1.5 mL of Settle® in sterile lactated ringers, normal saline, water for injection or semen extender to provide an approximate final volume of 25-50 mL. Aseptically administer the diluted solution using a sterile catheter.

Treatment may be repeated at subsequent natural or induced estrus periods.

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