Tracesure Calf

Tracesure Calf is a long acting mineral bolus designed for calves from 100kg. Provides slow release supplementation of iodine, selenium and cobalt.


Tracesure® Calf is a ruminal bolus and capsule for calves weighing between 100 and 200kgs.  Tracesure® Calf provides slow release supplementation of iodine, selenium and cobalt.  Where dietary intake of iodine, selenium or cobalt is low, or where utilisation of iodine is depressed by forage goitrogens (eg in kale), or where pasture has a high molybdenum content, the health and productivity of the animal may be improved by supplementation of these elements.

Goitrogens are substances commonly present in brassicas (cabbage family), soya and in linseed meals, beet pulp and sometimes in pastures, which reduce the efficient utilisation of iodine in maintaining thyroid function.  The thyroid gland produces hormones which control metabolism. Iodine deficient stock may suffer from reduced fertility (anoestrus, sub-oestrus in heifers coming in to mating), poor weight gain and general ill thrift, late abortion/stillbirth/perinatal mortality, metabolic disorders as well as an increased susceptibility to infectious disease, scours, BRD and parasitism.

Selenium deficient stock may suffer from white muscle disease, increased still births and depressed fertility.

Cobalt deficient stock may have depressed appetites and/or show signs of general ill-thrift.

Tracesure® Calf boluses release supplementary iodine, selenium and cobalt for up to 6 months.  The iodine, selenium and cobalt are released from the bolus by leaching, providing dietary supplementation.  Spent boluses become enlarged and fragile.  They are eventually shed, intact or fragmented, by being regurgitated or excreted.

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Tracesure is available direct through your local vet.
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