Gestavet PROST

Reproduction hormone; Cloprostenol in an injectable solution.


Reproduction hormone d-Cloprostenol solution for injection 75µg


100ml (50 cow dose)

Gestavet PROST packaging


Cows and Heifers:

  • Induction and Synchronisation of oestrus (absence of oestrus after parturition)


  • Chronic endometritis and pyometritis, Luteinic cysts, Persistent Corpus Luteum and abortion induction ( from 5 to 150 days of gestation)

Cows and heifers: 2ml per animal ( equivalent to 150µg of d-cloprostenol per animal)

  • Induction of oestrus: Animals with a corpus luteum should receive one dose (2ml) and will display heat within 48 – 60 hours
  • Synchronization of oestrus (absence of oestrus after parturition): administer two doses (each 2ml) 11-14 days apart. Heat will be displayed 48 – 60 hours after the second dose.
  • Chronic endometritis and pyometritis: administer one dose (2ml). If necessary repeat the treatment after 10-14 days.
  • Luteinic cysts: administer one dose (2ml)
  • Persistent corpus luteum: Administer one dose (2ml) and inseminate at the first oestrus after injection. If no oestrus occurs reexamine the animal and repeat the injection 11 days after the first injection. Inseminate 72 – 96 hours after the second injection.

Concomitant administration of progesterone or prostaglandin – inhibiting drugs such as NSAIDs can diminish or even annul the effect of d-cloprostenol

Correct Administration:

Intramuscular injection

With holding period:

Nil meat and milk withhold

Special Instructions:

This product should not be handled by pregnant women or persons with asthma or bronchial problems of other respiratory disease.

Store at 2- 8 °C. Protect from light.

Use within 28 days of opening the pack.

Keep out of reach of children



Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act, 1997. NO A10767

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Gestavet PROST is available direct through your local vet.
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