Numnuts is a new ergonomically designed tool which provides pain relief to lamb testicles and tails at marking time. Numnuts applies elastrator rings over the tail and scrotum while simultaneously injecting an optimal dose of fast acting local anaesthetic NumOcaine.

Numnuts tailing device allows farmers to inject NumOcaine a fast acting pain relief at the same time as applying a rubber ring for castration and tailing.

NumOcaine is the approved local anaesthetic for Numnuts. It works by affecting the permeability of nerve cell membranes to sodium ions, thus blocking nerve impulse transmission.

This method has been developed by Moredun Research Institute in Scotland and 4c Designs and clinical evaluated by CSIRO and the University of Melbourne. In 2018 Numnuts was used on several properties in Australia and on over 15,000 lambs.

During the trials Numnuts substantially reduced the number of lambs displaying pain behaviours immediately after marking.
– Up to 68% reduction in pain related behaviours
– Faster mothering- up post marking
– Reduction in mis-mothering

To be used on lambs with a rubber ring.

End users of wool and sheep meat are becoming increasingly sensitive to animal welfare issues. Numnuts is a great tool to help alleviate any pain around tailing and castration time.

Discuss with you vet today or give your local Agilis rep a call.

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Agilis Numnuts ‘Farmers Guide’ A4 Flyer JAN20

Numnuts Agrivet 141 JA20