How Our Products Work

Find out how to use your Numnuts, Alpheus applicator, Tracesure / Copasure applicator, and Selekt Equipment with these quick “how-to” videos:


Using the Numnuts applicator, you need to ensure you have your rubber rings ready, and also bottle of Numocaine. See the detailed video below on how to set up your Numnuts device and then in use on lambs.


Insert primer drench tablets into applicator and ensure they are flat. Then insert Alpheus capsule into applicator on top of primers with wings folded down. Ensure applicator is flat when placing into mouth of calf. With gentle pressure, ease applicator into oesophagus of calf and continue introducing until have entered the rumen. Look for visible passage of applicator down the side of the neck of the calf. Depress plunger and deliver primers and capsule into the rumen.

More information about the Alpheus capsules can be found on our website:


Insert bolus into applicator, gently pass applicator over back of tongue and allow animal to swallow end of applicator. When applicator is fully inserted up to the handle, squeeze trigger to dispense bolus and withdraw applicator. It is important to have squeezed trigger fully before removing applicator to ensure boluses are swallowed correctly.

More information about Tracesure and Copasure can be found on our website:


Mix appropriate sachet in 20L of water. Restrain cows head and place plastic gag and tube into cows mouth. Fix nose clip to nose of cow. Carefully introduce tube through to back of cows. When swallowing reflex occurs, continue introducing down to the rumen. You can observe tube being introduced down the side of the cows neck. When in rumen, lock tube in place with locking mechanism, place pump into bucket of water and selekt sachet and pump water until all has been delivered to rumen. Upon delivery, unlock locking mechanism, remove tube from rumen, unclip nose connector and remove from cow’s mouth.