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Startvac is New Zealand’s first Mastitis vaccine, an inactivated vaccine against E,coli, S.aureus and coagulase - negative Staphylococci.

Startvac mastitis vaccine is for herd immunisation of cows and heifers in dairy herds with recurring mastitis problems, to reduce the incidence of sub clinical mastitis and the incidence of the severity of the clinical signs of clinical mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus, coliforms and coagulase – negative staphylococci.

One dose of Startvac contains E. coli J5  inactivated: S. aureus CP8 strain SP 140 inactivated; liquid paraffin, benzyl alcohol.

Approved for use on Organic Farms by AsureQuality.


50ml (25 doses)

Special storage instructions;

Keep out of reach of children

Store and transport refrigerated and protect from light. Do not freeze.

Once opened use within 10 hours.


To be given intramuscular, preferably on the alternate sides of the neck.

2ml dose.

– 1st injection at 45 days before the expected parturition date

– 2nd injection at 35 days thereafter ( 10 days prior to expected parturition date)

– 3rd injection 62 days after the second injection ( 52 days post parturition)

The full immunisation programme should be repeated with each gestation.

Allow the vaccine  to reach a temperature of 15-25c° before use, shake well before use.

Withholding period:

Zero days



Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act, 1997 NO


A010856 – Label – Startvac



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STARTVAC – Safety Data Sheet (English version)

Startvac – GMO free status

Mastitis vaccine helping Cumbrian producers.

Diagnostic Kits

Startcheck test has been developed by Hipra which is based on PCR- real time bulk milk testing, this helps to investigate the current situation of the most common mastitis causing pathogens on farm.


Startvac is available direct through your local vet.
For any questions please call your Agilis rep on 0800 agilis.

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Startcheck Paper

Startcheck Diagnostic Tool